10 Futuristic Designer Household Items


These amazing, high tech futuristic gadgets and appliances - all made for the home - are sure to land on your Christmas wish lists this year.

Take a look at the capabilities and designs of these stunning revolutionary (and sustainable) household items -  you won't be disappointed.
10. ProDesk 3D (below)


"The ProDesk3D is the world’s first full-color 3D printer. The appliance appears futuristic and its capabilities are highly advanced. The printer houses a five-colour cartridge system which mixes shades to produce the exact color you want. The device produces high quality 3D prints using its 25-micron dual extruder head and uses a tri-fan system to maintain constant airflow in the casing."

9. Transparent Faucet


Source: Wonderfulengineering.comThe 1limit faucet - besides its sleek design - is an amazing way to conserve water consumption. The see-through part of the faucet casing holds exactly 1-litre of water, which is considered substantial for washing your hands. The lever on the faucet is used to turn it on or off. After the 1 litre of water has been used, the faucet must be turned off so that it can fill up before it is used again.
8. Fold-out Balcony (below) 

Source: Hofman Dujardin Architecten -

Source: Hofman Dujardin Architecten

Inspired by Swedish historical building ordinances prevent landlords from putting balconies into their apartments, this invention can give a homeowner the luxury of a balcony without breaking city ordinance.

The balcony was put into production in 2008 with steel and aluminum to make its heavy-duty window frame structure. It can be installed into a window space where s motorised leverage system lowers the balcony into the position you desire.

7. Interactive Coffee Table (below) 

Source: Because We Can -

Source: Because We Can

Its name is ‘The Wave’.

The interactive coffee table uses LED lights to interact with whatever is placed on or near its surface. The Wave lights up using circuitry and optical sensors that can read pressure and light changes when something is placed near them. From anywhere between $1,795 to $2,340, you can now enjoy a light show as you share drinks and snacks with company.
6 - The Swiss Army Bathroom (below)


Source: Wonderfulengineering.comThe modular island kitchen is designed by Massimo Facchinetti and is the future of kitchens. The kitchen not only conserves space but also energy. The green kitchen module is powered by solar panels and the water from the sink is filtered and reused in the dishwasher. The module includes a cooking range, microwave, a space to store the coffee machine and a vertical herbal garden where you can grow your own herbs.


5. UHD Television (below)



"The days of HD televisions are limited now that Ultra HD TV’s are here. The Samsung S9 is the world’s largest production television and uses technology which give it a four times better picture than regular HD televisions. The 85-inch giant costs $40,000. The price may be reasonable to those who have compared watching the television to looking through a window."

4. Transparent LCD Television (below) 


Source: Wonderfulengineering.comWhile Samsung is going for large and grand, the people at Haier are going for something a little more innovative. Haier’s Designer Series Transparent TV is a completely transparent LCD TV. You have to make sure that there is nothing behind the screen when watching TV so it doesn’t show up on the screen, but if you want to be a little more interactive with the program on TV, this device will let you do just that.
3- These couches will change how you sit down (below)

"Nolen Niu is founder of his eponymous company which does more than simply design beautiful furniture – he re-examines the role it can have in our lives. Drawing inspiration from the automative industry and the fashion industry alike, Niu isn't just creating furniture, but feats of engineering. Learn more about Niu, his company, and his design inspiration by watching the video above."

 2 - Z Island (below) 



"Designed for Scholtes by renowned Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid this futuristic prototype design features a touchscreen control panel, heating membranes, sound activators, aromatic scent dispensers, LED lights along with a multimedia entertainment system that comes with a flat screen TV and your very own Apple mac mini which would complement any modern day home."

1. Flexible Smartphone



"Samsung’s Youm is the world’s first flexible and bendable smartphone. This groundbreaking technology uses OLED’s that are flexible and almost indestructible. The phone features a Windows operating system and is the first of its kind. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Samsung controls 90% of the market’s OLED supply. The Youm is the first in a new generation of smartphones that will be more discreet and available in more forms than the traditional candy-bar layout."

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