5 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Will Drive Your Project Sales


Developers and project marketers are almost constantly bombarded with the newest and most exciting project marketing tactics – but sometimes, it’s the tried and true traditional methods that drive a project to sell-out.

When it comes to traditional marketing methods, some can be seen as outdated and not as effective in a digital world – but there are a number that remain just as effective as they have always been.

According to Andrew Thomas, Director at Majellan Models, project marketers that are using these five traditional methods within their comprehensive marketing strategies are going to be efficiently driving their project’s sales.

Scale Models

When you’re selling a development, it can be hard to get a potential buyer to actually visualise the final product, which can be a factor stopping them from committing to a purchase.

Scale models give potential purchasers the ability to see the final product and allows them to visualise how their lives will integrate with the development – making them one of the most invaluable marketing tools a developer can use to secure more sales.

“By using a scale model you can bring your vision to life and show your potential buyers an overview of the development. By giving purchases the ability to walk around a physical structure adds an extra dimension to the marketing that can’t be captured in pictures alone,” Mr Thomas said.

“Models are also a quick and cost-effective tool for projects, especially when they’re constructed by a reputable company that has the ability to work within tight timeframes for a number of different projects of all shapes and sizes.”

Consistent Branding

With hundreds of units being approved each month, having a unique and consistent brand for your project will ensure that it both stands out from the competition and resonates with potential buyers.

When the project’s branding is consistent through every aspect of the marketing campaign – whether with traditional or new tactics – it will ensure that the development stays in the mind of potential buyers, and may ultimately sway their decision to purchase.

Creating lasting relationships with potential buyers is at the heart of successful project marketing, and consistent branding is going to be the first step to building and maintaining key relationships with purchasers.

Print Advertising

Even though we’re living in the age of digital advertising – with services like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads – more traditional advertising methods can’t be ignored as a way to drive a project to sell-out.

Print advertising continues to be one of the most effective ways of marketing a project to a wider audience – and when coupled with consistent branding, it can have more of an impact than digital advertising for attracting and converting buyers that may not have heard of the project otherwise.

With digital advertising becoming saturated, online users are quickly becoming desensitised to advertisements they see online – that’s why it’s imperative that traditional print advertising is incorporated into the heart of a project’s marketing strategy.  

Public Relations

With its ability to transform the reputation of a development in one article, developers and project marketers cannot underestimate the power of a news story, which is why it needs to be kept at the heart of all tactical marketing strategies.

The PR benefits for developers are enormous, and just one positive news article has the ability to reach a large audience, educate them on your project and encourage them to take the next steps toward purchasing.

PR also is a great tactic to use in conjunction with other marketing tactics – whether it’s promoting experiential marketing, events or digital campaigns – and when used successfully it can create a palpable buzz around your brand and project.

Aerial Photography & Video

There’s no question that stunning visuals are a great marketing tool for any new development, and this is what makes aerial photography and video such an important part of any project marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a video of your site and its location, or a 360-degree photo from the top floor showcasing the view, using the latest aerial photography technology gives developers and project marketers the ability to help potential buyers visualise exactly what is in store for them once the project is complete.

It’s clear that these traditional marketing tactics still have a key place in the centre of a project marketing strategy, and when used in conjunction with other tactics, they can be the extra push your development needs to sell out in record time.


Andrew Thomas is the Director at Majellan Models, where he specialises in providing scale models of buildings and their surrounding landscapes to developers throughout Australia and Asia

. For more information on how Majellan Models can help with your scale models, aerial photography and video, marketing plans and model photography, click here.The Urban Developer is proud to partner with Majellan Models  to deliver this article to you. In doing so, we can continue to publish our free daily news, information, insights and opinion to you, our valued readers.

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