6 Best Apps To Increase Productivity


Developers are always looking for that extra hour in the day and apps are the perfect way to get it.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best technology apps for developers to increase productivity and ensure you aren’t wasting any more time with mundane tasks.

Evernote – The notebook of the future
Keeping all of your work in one space can be equally time consuming and frustrating.

Evernote has become the go to tool for productivity. It allows you to store everything online that you want to keep in one place. Similar to a digital notebook, it is capable of storing photos, web pages, notes, audio, and lists.
What really sets it apart is its indexing feature. Once things are added to Evernote they can be searched and accessed from your desktop, mobile device or online.
It is available for both Apple and Google mobile software as a free download. Usage is limited for free users but can be increased for a $5-$11 a month subscription fee.

Sunrise – A Calendar that won’t let you forget a face again.
Calendars have been a feature of computer technology from the beginning but the future of calendars may very well be here.

Sunrise is a calendar app that allows you to connect with your LinkedIn so the next time you have a meeting, the picture and profile of the person you’re meeting with will pop up.
It allows you to connect with Google Calendar, iCloud calendar and Exchange as well as the ability to integrate apps like Foursquare, Evernote and GitHub. It can be connected with your Facebook or Twitter account and show events, tweets and birthdays as well as allowing you to choose from any sporting league in the world so you always know when your team’s next match is.
You can use Sunrise in a web browser or as a download through Apple and Google mobile software.

Slack – Team communication without the need for email
Calling meetings and sharing ideas is an important part of the development process.

Slack is a business messaging app that describes itself as ‘team communication for the 21st century.’ It is a chat tool that creates open channels for projects, groups and topics that can be shared between the team. The channels act as categories where you can view the history and search conversations and see who said what and when it was said.
Channels include messages, files and comments, inline images and video, rich link summaries and integration with services like Twitter, Dropbox and Google Drive. The search function allows you to search through previous whole conversations and messages. Notifications can be customised to suit your needs and conversations can be seamlessly changed from public to private and back.
Everything is synced to allow you to be able to move between your desktop, iPad or mobile device. It is compatible with both Apple and Google mobile software and is available as a free download.

Lynda – Education to get you on the fast track.
Tools and apps can shorten the development process but one often overlooked facet of productivity is spending time learning how to actually be more productive.

Lynda is an online video education resource offering thousands of video courses in software, creative and business skills taught by industry experts. Download the app and listen to one of their many lessons next time you’re in the car and never waste another second. The business section features over 700 courses and 28,000 videos with 126 specifically on productivity.
Topics range from the traditional time management fundamentals, to Microsoft Suite and iPad training, to presentations with different platforms and can be arranged according to skill level. The videos here aim to shorten the process of you personally learning different software and management techniques by presenting them in visually accessible ways.
The site can be accessed from any platform and you can start with a 10 day free trial. Prices then range from $24.99 a month to $19.99 a month if you commit for a year.

Forge – Brainstorming and sketching with the convenience of your Ipad.
Not everyone has the skills to sketch an accurate visual representation of an image or quickly distribute an idea visually.

Forge, developed by Adonit, is an app for the iPad that has merged the line between the traditional drawing app and a brainstorming tool.
The app allows you to save multiple drafts of drawings or images for easy editing which you can then see all of them together in one place on a big project board. It also comes with the more traditional drawing app tools of adjustable brush sizes and colour palettes.
The app is available from the iTunes App Store for free to try or $4.99 for continued use.

Dropbox – Large file sharing anywhere, anytime.
Development requires a multitude of documents and files and quickly transporting these files between stakeholders is important in maintaining an efficient project.

Dropbox allows you to drag and drop files into it and then access those files on all of your devices with the additional option of storing your files in a public folder so you can easily share them with a download link.
Being a cloud based service means you do not have to worry about backing up your files or showing up somewhere without the files or documents you need, simply log on any device and you will have what you need.
Dropbox is available as a free download for both Apple and Google mobile devices with free storage space up to 2 gigabytes with paid subscriptions available for increased storage.

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