7 Reasons Why 3D Technologies Will Transform Your Marketing Campaign


When prospective buyers visit an open house, they imagine what it would be like to live there, and what it would look like with their design-preferences, furniture, friends and family.

When viewing off-the-plan apartments it is difficult to allow a buyer to immerse themselves, allowing them to imagine what their future home may look like, which is where technology steps in -- to fill this imagination-gap.

Virtual and augmented reality can now take a buyer through an interactive virtual tour, prompting an emotional connection and letting them walk through an as-yet-unbuilt home.

As the market slows, and off-the-plan apartments become harder to sell, giving buyers an emotional attachment to their future investment is crucial in providing them with the confidence to move forward with a purchase.

Visform, a cutting edge 3D visualisation studio, specialises in high-quality virtual reality platforms. They have provided The Urban Developer

with seven reasons why interactive 3D technologies are so important in marketing a successful property campaign.

1. Let’s get interactive!
Change colour schemes on the fly, update that kitchen configuration or check out another unit type altogether – all with the click of a button. These are just some of the features that are available at buyers’ fingertips, thanks to advances in gaming technology. Much like a computer game, these functions are operated via a controller or even an app, giving buyers a fully interactive experience of their future purchase long before construction begins.
2. Immerse yourself
It’s one thing to view a 3D render, animation or even a physical model – but put on a virtual reality headset and things get really exciting! Imagine giving a potential buyer the ability to feel like they are actually sitting on that designer sofa, or standing in the kitchen space they will be entertaining in. This is what developers can now expect from this gaming technology.

When a user puts on a VR headset they see the property in real-life scale, meaning if the kitchen benchtop is one metre wide on the plans, it will actually feel like that in the virtual environment. This can be an important factor when it comes to buying off-the-plan. In the past, a buyer would have to imagine the size and scale of a room from plans and 3D imagery, but with the technology now at hand, they can feel more confident in making decisions based on a realistic impression of their future residence.

Visform Interactive VR property tour from

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3. It’s emotional

It’s no secret that buying is often an emotional experience, the purchaser must establish a connection to the location, design or the feel of a place. Giving buyers an emotional attachment to their future investment is crucial in giving them confidence to move forward with a purchase. Traditional marketing techniques are great, but they don’t give you the emotional attachment that a virtual walkthrough can.

With advances in game engine technology, 3D companies can now offer incredible realism and detail just like a 3D render, giving property developers an emotive and tangible experience to offer their buyers like never before.
4. Anytime, anywhere!
There’s no doubt we are a mobile bunch these days, so having the ability to transfer virtual property tours onto an app-based platform is crucial. The benefit with an app is that it’s mobile, giving interstate and international buyers instant access to a full property tour from the comfort of their own home. Multi-device functionality is also a huge plus, with viewing capabilities for iPad, iPhone and Android-based platforms, giving easy access for many potential buyers to view a development anytime, anywhere!


Visform can create virtual walkthroughs for Ipad and Android devices5. Customise it your way
The beauty of a custom-build virtual tour is just that, it’s “custom” –  these days you can pretty much design any look you’re after so that your 3D platform fits in seamlessly with your branding and vision. When sitting down with your VR or 3D company you will have the ability to determine what functions, features and other design elements you would like included in your 3D platform.
6. Streamline the sales process
All this technology is great, but what if you want to track sales data, analytics and customer engagement? Well, this can be built into your app-based platform, supplying sales agents with live feedback on registration, unit availability and data analytics. Including marketing collateral such as printed floor plans, 3D renders and colour options in one digital platform is a huge time saver. Streamline the process!


7. Wow – all this for only that much!
Cost is often a driving factor when new tech enters into a specific industry. Over the past few years property developers may have had to dedicate a small fortune to provide a VR experience. The good news is that the supply-side has caught up -- the technology is more readily available as more businesses offer these services – allowing more affordable and cost-effective solutions. VR headsets are rapidly becoming more affordable, Facebook recently announcing a $200 wireless version of their Oculus Rift which was previously priced at over $700, and it’s only going to get better!In the highly competitive property market, the rise of 3D technologies will help marketers gain that competitive edge. We are seeing more and more innovative studios pop-up across Australia offering unique experiences for property buyers, which will increasingly benefit property marketing campaigns in the future.

In the highly competitive property market, the rise of 3D technologies will help marketers gain that competitive edge. More and more innovative studios are popping-up across Australia and offering unique experiences for property buyers, which will increasingly benefit property marketing campaigns in the future.

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