The Art of Corporate Gift-Giving


In the property industry, the average client can be overwhelmed with modern marketing tools aimed to grab their attention. Cutting through the competitive clutter is not easy.

There is a real art to corporate gift-giving, and ultimately it is about encouraging relationships rather than inhibiting them. Consider how much money you would spend taking a client or prospective clients to dinner, a round a golf or purchasing tickets to a sports match. Use that on a gift instead. The event is over in a matter of hours, but a gift – if well considered – will be much more meaningful.

After more than 30 years in the corporate world Bev Barnfather established Ladybird Gifts, a specialist gift supplier for the property market, because Ms Barnfather spotted an unmet consumer demand for thoughtful gift-giving: “In my corporate career, when I wanted to send a thank you to a client, finding gifts that were memorable was really difficult. Sending someone a tin of smoked oysters and a bag of nuts just wasn’t going to leave the right impression!”

Excellent customer relationships are fundamental to snaring repeat business and referrals. Kym Rogers, Client Relations Manager of Crown International Holdings Group, says that attention to detail, “Is as critical in creating an exceptional customer experience as it is to outstanding property design."

Ms Rogers recently engaged Ladybird Gifts to design gifts for the V by Crown Group, in Parramatta. 

"The carefully curated, beautifully presented gifts had a wow factor that complimented the project and proved to be a huge hit with clients." Ms Rogers said.

Lisa Ebejer, Senior Executive Assistant at Brickworks Limited believes meaningful thank you gifts, “Support our brand positioning and transform the phrase ‘we value your business’ from a generic marketing mantra into a solid, sincere statement, cementing client loyalty.”

The Urban Developer asked Ladybird Gifts CEO Bev Barnfather to reveal what qualities make a great gift:


Consumable equals forgettable. Adding a “use, keep and display” item ensures visibility and ongoing marketing. That stand-alone bottle of bubbly leaves no memory.


Gift quality directly reflects on your business and makes a powerful statement about your brand. Make sure the proclamation is a positive one!


Yes, shock, horror! Ditch the branding. Corporate branding promptly converts a gift into an advertising and promotional space, significantly devaluing it.

Social media-worthy
Well-chosen gifts are more likely to be photographed and posted on Facebook /Instagram and seen by your client’s tribe.


Many developers consider free inclusions to be a generous thank you gift. Ms Barnfather says that free inclusions are “unlikely to be viewed by the purchaser as a thank you, but rather as a marketing magnet, designed to attract and entice.

“They do little, if anything, to distinguish a developer from their opposition and are unlikely to generate referrals or brand loyalty.   

“We unconsciously perceive gifts as a reflection and a validation of a connection. Great gifts are a deposit in the relationship bank and generate referrals; a poor choice is a withdrawal.” Ms Barnfather said.

As Ms Barnfather explains: “The last thing you do will influence the next thing your client does. Make it count!”

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