How Developers Can Build A Brand Through Technology


It’s no secret that smart technology helps us streamline operations and make our day-to-day processes easier.

Because of this, the market is full of apps and programs that promise to boost business output and save property developers more and more time.

Smartphone and tablet apps are especially good at creating digital shortcuts that help us be more efficient and more productive. But how often do they actually meet a property developer’s unique needs?

For any given project, a property developer will be considering location and urban planning approvals, master planning and design. Once planned, a successful development relies on a smooth construction process, with efficient and effective project management.

Enter the MYBOS app, a simple and modern building management platform designed to capture property defects and manage workflow.

Developers can manage and resolve their workflows without referring to spreadsheets or firing off thousands of emails. They can also build their brand through customised landing pages and a public display portal.

The MYBOS app is a simple and modern approach to capturing your property defects and workflow management from start to finish without the spreadsheets and thousands of emails.
The MYBOS app is a simple and modern approach to capturing your property defects and workflow management from start to finish without the spreadsheets and thousands of emails.

A focus on branding

As the development market continues through a tumultuous phase, developer branding is becoming more crucial as it helps to build connection with current and future buyers.

The MYBOS app’s point of difference is how it helps to build a developer’s brand, alongside tracking and managing their workload.

Developers can utilise the MYBOS online public display portal, which can be customised to suit their firm’s branding and display special offers and important building notifications to owners and tenants.

Through this high level of customisation, a developer can ensure that their branding remains consistent and effective throughout the sales, launch and completion stages – making it more memorable for both current purchasers, and potential buyers on future projects.

With MYBOS, developers also have the option to communicate effectively in over 15 languages, when completing maintenance orders or using the MYBOS key register to manage multiple keys for owners, tenants and contractors.

This allows a direct line of communication with buyers and tenants of many different cultural backgrounds, creating a level of trust and authenticity that will then become associated with the developers brand as a whole.

“MYBOS is user-friendly and straight to the point,” Dyldam Development Projects operation manager Jack Maalouf said.

“It saves a lot of time and energy and gets the job done easily.”

The features of the MYBOS app all work together to position a developer’s brand as a positive, organised and create a seamlessly managed building for end-users to enjoy.

The technology provides a customised landing page, parcel management tool, asset register and all-in-one interactive calendar to build and promote the developer’s presence in the market.

Better management through technology

MYBOS’ technology is not designed to replace the developer but rather to help them, as they plan and deliver their next project.

The MYBOS app helps developers easily keep track of building work orders and defects and view building amenity calendar bookings, not to mention manage their assets and streamline communications with residents.

Lendlease project director Tim Campbell says MYBOS has been immensely helpful in the management of their developments.

“MYBOS is a complete toolkit to run our building affairs as soon as it is commissioned, and the development is better managed over its lifetime,” Campbell said.

The MYBOS app is available to both building managers and tenants, with SMS and email communication that can broadcast to all tenants, owners and agents.

Keep track of building defects, move in and settlement dates through MYBOS.
Keep track of building defects, move in and settlement dates through MYBOS.

What does the occupant see?

Residents can download the MYBOS app and have access to various utilities, including making new bookings for amenities and reporting defects – with each individual touchpoint having the potential to be fully customised to match a developers brand story and marketing material.

Through this process, the occupant can log photos and add a description of a defect, which is then sent to the developer or building manager for approval to streamline the entire defects process.

Once a resident has lodged a "ticket", it moves through the approval phase and automatically sends the resident an email that keeps them up to date without the developer having to compose an email or pick up the phone.

Occupants can also download the relevant building document through an app-based property document library and view the local business directory, announcements and notices.

These contact points keep the occupant in the loop and gives them a sense of being a part of the community around them.

Each contact point with owners or tenants can be customised by the development marketing team – ensuring brand consistency.

The lines of communication opened by MYBOS also help owners and tenants feel comfortable in their new homes, which could create a connection with the developer’s brand, leading to referrals for other projects.

MYBOS is a cloud-based building management platform for managers, owners and tenants in multi-occupancy buildings.

Their latest app, designed as a simple approach to managing developers’ workflow processes, is now available to try for free.

For more information on how MYBOS technology can support your future developments, visit their website.

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