Improving Liveable Environments Through Lighting


With the increasing demand for energy efficient lighting, the lighting industry has progressed towards solid-state lighting (SSL).

In recent years inorganic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become the most preferred solid-state lighting option.

Benefits of LEDs include longer life, energy savings, improved durability, less frequent maintenance and significantly less electricity usage to provide the equivalent amount of light compared to traditional light sources.

Another critical advantage of light emitting diodes is fast response time to energisation, providing light almost instantaneously.

Due to the quick response time, poor performing drivers with unbalanced outputs lead to the creation of temporal light artefacts (TLAs).

The diverse applications of LED lighting have proven to be a popular lighting solution and are being used in almost every application.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for LEDs to be able to operate as intended in all environmental conditions and absent of the negative effects of TLAs.

In a bid to further reduce the effects of flicker in LED drivers, Australian architectural lighting manufacturer, Unios has launched their G2 Phase-Cut Driver.

As LED drivers play a critical role in the functionality of LED luminaires, the innovative driver comes flicker-free and has been produced to deliver power, control and trust for all lighting environments.

Not only is the G2 Phase-Cut Driver seamless in integration with class-leading features that deliver exceptional lighting performance, but the driver also offers various health benefits with its flicker-free effect.

Reducing migraines, discomfort, and illness, the G2 Phase-Cut Driver comes in support of recent studies conducted by the Unios team.

“Driving the Flicker-Free Effect”, a white paper published by Unios in February 2019, highlights the importance of flicker-free drivers in the lighting industry.

The paper explores the effects of flicker (eye strain, malaise, nausea, panic attacks, anxiety and general discomfort) and proposes best practice solutions for the industry.

The paper also explores the benefits of reducing flicker to assist people with epilepsy who are highly sensitive to light flicker, as it can induce seizures and for people with autism spectrum disorders that are extremely sensitive to light.

Through rigorous testing, the G2 Phase-Cut Driver excels in all measured parameters, eliminating flicker to the human eye, promoting better health, well-being and improving concentration for occupants.

The Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver is the innovative, compatible and efficient way to regulate LED lighting systems for all environments.

Click here to download the full white paper “Driving the Flicker-Free Effect”.

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