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In the rapidly evolving world of digital, it is easy to get caught up in the latest trend or the new gadget.

Never before has there been so much noise. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other devices make it easier to connect with those vying for our attention and there are literally millions of new messages generated daily all adding up to a lot of competition for attention.

Creative Strategy firm Blirt believes people are often forgotten in the rush to introduce the latest technology.

Blirt Partner Andrew Erwin says understanding the customer’s individual path and experience led the creative group to deploy a marketing automation platform that treats people like people. We map the customer journey to ensure customers not only have a successful experience but return to do business time and time again as a satisfied repeat buyer.

“Blirt deploys marketing automation platforms to gain results. We attract and nurture new leads, all in a truly automated system that supports inbound activities like blogging, public relations, social and partnered content while also catering to outbound advertising, display advertising, email, paid content and searches.”

The irony is that while marketing automation is itself considered the fastest growing marketing technology, unlike some, it’s directly linked to understanding people - the people who can make your property venture profitable and sustainable. And the investment is well worth the effort with research showing that 75% using marketing automation see a ROI within 12 months and almost half within six months.

“At Blirt we see the customer journey like a series of cogs. They are strategic moving parts brought together to create a dynamic process where value is created and exchanged between you and your customer. The customer journey is mapped to bring clarity to the steps where the barriers to purchase need to be overcome to result in a transaction and more importantly fulfilment,” said Mr Erwin.

The oil for the cogs is information. Information delivered through the automation process using the right key messages through the correct channels. Blirt’s COGS are further understood and brought to life as Contact, Opportunity Gain and Service.

“Contact refers to those opportunities where we can contact or reach potential customers and provide them with a solution to their problem. It’s not only about visibility and placement but it’s about language. Opportunity is the stage when the customer is digging deeper to evaluate and assess their options. It’s a critical step because the right answers at the right time may nudge them towards you rather than your competitors.”

Mr Erwin said the Gain was perhaps the most important part in the process because it was where the value exchange happened. Both you and your customer need to experience value in the transaction. As a developer you may achieve ‘value’ on settlement and that makes sense or you wouldn’t be in the business.

“Your customer may see their value proposition in turning the house into a home, being closer to work and local schools, having great neighbours in a community that cares or on an increase in capital value. But whatever their point of value the process aims to ensure it is achieved and recognised so that the customer returns to the the Gain step in the process because of their trust in you. It represents a win win because your customer is now loyal and will come knocking on your door knowing you have the solution to their future property problem without having to repeat earlier steps. And because you as a developer have delivered them value they have faith that you will deliver it again.”

Blirt believes that understanding the customer journey and automatically delivering the messages to remove boundaries at the right stages in the process are crucial elements in the growth of any customer focussed business. “What makes our automation platforms all the more compelling is that we believe in transparency so that our clients clearly understand the real cost to meet business revenue targets including web visits, conversion rates on marketing spend, the true cost of every lead that results in revenue and the total revenue delivered for the marketing spend.

“We deliver a truly measurable process to help you grow your business and to remain successful in a market that has never been more competitive. Our ROI calculator helps property developers and marketers understand how much they need to spend to drive the sales funnel.”

Blirt is a creative strategy group headquartered in Queensland with offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Melbourne and servicing clients all over Australia.


This article has been prepared in partnership with Blirt and team.

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