Trust the germans to take a prefab wooden skyscraper 200m high


With demand for affordable and quick housing constantly growing, German architects

Weingartner have released a concept design for a supply on demand, prefabricated wooden skyscraper, built from 70 per cent wood that has the potential to offer a viable alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction methods.
The Concept

The firm came up with the concept of the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II as they felt driven to solve the problems of climate change, social alienation, end of resources and rapid urbanization.

Principal Architect

Leonhard Weingartner said in a statement on the firm’s website that he has designed a new social and sustainable alternative to our traditional construction methods and ways of life.

He describes the project as affordable and dense yet fun, producing a tiny carbon footprint and saving precious resources.

In a statement Mr Weingartner said the project is more than a distinguishing mark on the landscape.

“This slim hybrid Tower with a height of up to 200-metres aims to become an attractive meeting point for the Community and a fun new way of life for the Residents.

“On a small site with a small footprint up to 300 people can live, play and work together. Why 300 people? Because history shows that 300 people build a happy, strong lasting community that works.”


The Importance Of Wood
The firm believes that it is imperative that changes be made in the construction industry. Studies taken from their website reveal that “concrete production represents roughly five per cent of world carbon dioxide emissions, the dominant gas for climate change. In essence the production and transportation of concrete represents more than five times the carbon footprint of the airline industry as a whole."

According to Mr Weingartner the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II introduces a new way of constructing tall buildings with a renewable, durable and strong building material that is manufactured by nature. His website states that wood may be the best option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing carbon in our buildings.

“My Design for the elastic_WOODSCRAPER redefines the discussion of where we will see customized Mass Timber in the future of the world’s skylines.

“As we pursue the solar and green energy solutions we must consider that we are surrounded by a building material that is manufactured by nature, a material that is beautiful, renewable, durable, strong and safe.  Mass timber structures are capable of meeting fire and life safety needs while staying within cost competitive marketplace conditions,” he says.


The Design

The design of the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II consists of up to 14 light strong wooden Skycubes with 15 elastic_LIVING Apartments by Angelo Roventa on three floors, locally sourced, lifted and stacked in zig-zag manner.

Each elastic_LIVING Apartments offers up to 225 square metres which includes a living area, a wellness bathroom, a private room, 360-degree panoramic views and a rooftop terrace on top of each prefabricated Skycube.

The unconcealed Wood Skycube Space Grid Structure is protected by an advanced smart triple smart structural glazing envelope that changes light transmission properties under the application of voltage. The glass skin saves costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting and avoids the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens or blinds or curtains.

The RConcrete core will contain up to five smart elevators, fire stairs and risers for plumbing and power.  The white concrete core surface is done with Room Alphabet Writing by Heidulf Gerngross with a high viscosity maximizing the share of white pigments to match the color scheme of the skyscraper.

Overall the design poses the potential to change how tall residential towers are constructed and what they can be constructed from.

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