US Malls In A State Of Decay: What's To Blame For The Death Of An Icon?


 Of the almost 1,200 enclosed malls in America, only 400 are thriving. A look inside the demise of America's cultural icon.

The ‘Mall’ is an iconic concept of American culture, however have become an unsustainable venture in a post- recession environment, where people are keeping a tight grasp on their wallets. This has led to the down fall and abandonment of many enclosed shopping centres.

A changing retail market has meant these massive space and money consuming centers, are being out competed by online retail or ‘open air’ retail.

Many of these mall seem to have been constructed with the, ‘build it and they will come’ attitude.

Often these centres were built in a town without a population to maintain revenue. The Randall Park Mall was built in North Randall, Ohio, with a population of 1,500 the mall employed 500.

Some malls have been repurposed to serve a variety of new functions. They are being redeveloped into anything from hockey rinks to medical centres. Although, many just remain an apocalyptic symbol of retail in America.


The Randall Park Mall, Ohio
Opening in 1967, The Randall Park Mall was one the largest shopping malls in the world, with nearly two million square metres.  It closed in 2009.

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Crestwood Mall, St Louis
Spanning a total of 96,000 square metres, the Crestwood shopping mall in St Louis opened in 1957, and closed in 2013.

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North Towne Square Mall, Ohio
1980 saw the opening of North Towne Square Mall which hosted  70,420 square metres of retail space. It closed in 2005.

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Dixie Square Mall, Illinois
The Dixie Square Mall in Illinois opened in 1966, it closed only 13 years later in 1979. However the 74, 332 square metres of shopping mall stood abandoned for over 30 years, finally being demolished in 2011.

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Rolling Acres Mall, Ohio
Rolling Acres Mall in Ohio opened in 1979 and operated until 2013 when it completely went into closure. It expanded several times in that period and was 120,773 square metres when it was abandoned.

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Hawthorne Plaza Mall, California
Closing in 1999, the Hawthorne Plaza Mall is a deserted shell, with 74,400 square metres of floor space. It opened in 1977.

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