How Has Video Influenced Off-The-Plan Marketing?


Bernard Brkic is Creative Services Manager for REA Creative of and specialises in digital strategy, creative design and production. sat down with Bernard to ask him how video has influenced the sales process in off-the-plan marketing.
Why is video such an important element in the off-the-plan marketing process?
Selling something that does not exist is an extremely tough job, and we know that this is something that developers and project marketers have to deal with every day. Throw into the mix the fact that your buyers can come from a range of backgrounds, languages and cultures and things get more difficult. The sales process has traditionally included brochures, floor plans and scale models, but all too often, you still hear buyers struggling to piece together what the end product will look like.

Video is a medium that transcends these barriers and is a universally immersive and engaging form of content marketing, which is perfectly relevant for the challenges thrown up by property development. The latest Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers Report (2016) has found that Australians are increasingly turning to video to inform decision making, with 62% of Australians now watching online videos about a product or service before purchasing.

In an age of information overload, a well-made video can easily hold your audience’s attention. A property seeker can now be guided through how their prospective new apartment, home, or community might look and feel, without being forced to read through pages of printed marketing content.
What are the three fundamental components of a good video?
A good video should be able to tell the consumer a story and help to convey the space that they’re trying to sell. Consumers are not looking for a house or an apartment, but a lifestyle and a statement on the way they see themselves living their life. If your video can help to communicate that to an audience, it goes a long way in helping to sell the dream.

It’s also vital that your video piece remains consistent with any other marketing collateral. People want to feel like they belong, like they’re part of a community, or even a destination. Make sure you stay on brand and that the video reflects the look and feel of the development.

The duration of your video execution is pivotal to engaging your audience. As new social media channels continue to be developed, the average user’s attention span is getting shorter. People are now accustomed to video executions on Instagram (60 second limit), Vine (6 second limit) and Facebook. While it might be tempting to cram as much into your video as possible, it’s better to be focused on engaging content.
What are the main challenges developers face with video marketing?
Cost will always be the biggest barrier. The competitive nature of project marketing means that people are demanding a lower cost per lead/cost per sale than ever before, however a video should always be seen as an extension of the developer’s branding. It should sell a story and create positive reinforcement for future releases and upcoming projects.

Putting the costs aside, we often see marketers falling into old habits and not pushing the boundaries. With an audience that is more property-savvy than ever, people are now demanding more than lifestyle shots of happy families and picnics in the park. People are now expecting to see a fresh look at the development, so offer something different – help them to get a feel for your project and feel emotionally connected to their future home.
How does a developer set themselves apart with the execution?
Consider your audience first. A well-made video can be used across a range of digital platforms, including being integrated into websites, social media channels, digital displays, and used in rich media executions.

Peer approval is a vital cog in the consumer piece.  Create something that is dynamic and sharable so your audience is engaged, receptive and can visualise their property dream. Fixed position walk-throughs are a great way to help a viewer understand what you’re offering, regardless of their property knowledge or language spoken.

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