6 Museums That Will Define The Next Decade Of Architecture


 The future is looming with cutting edge architecture and the most revolutionary designs of all are the reinventions of the traditional museum. These buildings of cultural collections are now becoming pioneering visionaries for the future.

As we progress into the future it’s becoming more apparent that society needs new museums to keep up with the rapid rate of growing history we're making, especially with our developments in technology and science.

In the next five-ten years we will see an evolution in the long-standing museum, with a great number of space-age designs already set to be constructed all over the world – from Budapest all the way to Miami. These buildings are defining the future of architecture and museum culture.

Architectural plans of planned museums present an overarching movement of high tech modern architecture, integrating organic structure with technological advancements - the modernisation of society.

These building techniques, which are not prevalent in past museums take into account 21st century culture where modern architects are redefining traditional museums with never before seen designs that will create decadent landmarks for the future.

We've mapped out what the next five-ten years will look like in museum architecture: 
2015: Refurbished Whitney Museum of American Art

Italian architect, Renzo Piano

’s redevelopment of New York’s Whitney Museum is set to open this year. The 200,000 square foot space resides in the meat packing district bound by Washington Street and Gansevoort Street. The architecture of the museum responds to the industrial character of the neighbouring loft buildings and overhead railway while asserting a contemporary, sculptural presence. The Whitney Museum is a mix between urban suitability as it responds to its outdoorsy vitality and a fusion of powerful sleek modern, industrial structures where the design steers clear from the time worn columns museum gallery look.

2017: Dubai's Museum of the Future 


has recently unveiled their plans for a high-tech new museum that is set to become a talking point for tourists and residents alike. Plans for the Museum of the Future show a ring-like building covered in Arabic writing. Dubai officials are hoping that it will serve as an innovation hub for budding scientific and technological entrepreneurs. Due to be completed in 2017, the $138 million museum will feature technological advancements from cars, robots, drones and holograms.

2018: Shanghai's Planetarium

Ennead Architects

have truly created a cosmic museum design that heavily channels all things astronomical. The building is to consist of three “celestial bodies” in architecture form: The Occulus, The Inverted Dome and The Sphere – however these three buildings are not just metaphors, they are set to house spaces specially designed to bring the public closer to figuring out the mysterious nature of space. Due to be completed in 2018, the Planetarium is set for construction on the coast of the East China Sea.

2019: Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

It comes to no surprise why the Lucas Museum is a space-age cliché when the man behind the finance is the star wars creator himself, George Lucas

. The $300 million museum that sits on a Chicago lake front and it was architecturally designed by Beijing-based architect Ma Yansong. In the plan the architect features a curved building centred on a colossal narrow structure that winds through the landscape. From an aerial view this futuristic design presents itself as a floating disc above nature. With plans for the museum to be completed in 2019 the structure technologies undoubtedly making it a future landmark for Chicago.

2020: Museum of Science Fiction

A vision of pure science fiction, this design is taken straight out of space. The Museum of Science Fiction

 (MOSF) by M.A.A.P Architects will be the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum. The development which will take place in Washington D.C has begun with a small preview version spanning out 3,000 square feet in order to test exhibit concepts and interactive technologies. The full scale facility is scheduled to open in the next 5 years, defining 2020 with architecture from outer space.

Forthcoming Years: Latin American art Miami

The Latin American Art Museum defines the future by easing the borderline between outdoors and indoors in its high-tech, square disc design. Architect Fernando Romero Enterprise visualised the museum for Latin American Art that will be built in Miami, USA in the near future. The area, which spans out to 8,361 square metres, allows for a striking structure which is made up of 4 different composites designed to reflect urban Miami. An innovative one-of-a-kind design, the Latin American art museum is more of a giant outdoors art sculpture showing us that the future of museums is sustainable and sleek. Its construction status is still marked as ongoing 

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