NBN Provides Technological Edge In Competitive Property Market


The Milton Residences in Brisbane. Developers and residents are increasingly looking at technological offerings in choosing location. 
The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) across Australia represents a unique opportunity in property development.

As NBN experts, iiNet are keen communicate that the upcoming transition to super fast high-speed internet will bring many benefits to Australians that will make everyday life much more enjoyable.

In the office, home or on the go, the NBN will greatly improve life on the World Wide Web.

New technology as a key selling feature

NBN Co is a wholly owned Commonwealth company and Government Business Enterprise that is responsible for the construction of the NBN. During April this year, NBN Co announced that they will be adding a further 2.98 million Australian premises over the next 18 months (up until September 2016.) At the time of writing, approximately 874,000 premises can sign up to the NBN in Australia.

This announcement is an indication of NBN Co’s commitment to roll out construction as quickly as possible. But what does that mean to property developers and investors?

The new network will incorporate a mix of technologies to replace the nation’s ageing copper network. This approach is known as Multi-Technology Mix or MTM.

But regardless of what technology an area will receive, the benefits of being connected to the NBN are clear and definitive:

• Video and voice calls via the Internet – applications like Skype or VOIP, for example, that are crystal clear.
• With the launch of video streaming services like Netflix in Australia, watching video and streaming music content without buffering or interruptions will become a standard expectation.
• Family sized households will love the ability for multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptop, gaming consoles) to be connected to the Internet simultaneously without any issues relating to quality or speed.
• Sharing files (e.g. documents, photos, videos and music) between multiple people and different devices will also be easier.

Future proof your home

But connecting to the NBN isn’t just about the functionality that households can enjoy today.

It’s also the foundation that will allow Australians to take advantage of technology that’s just around the corner:• Home automation, energy management, security and even universal remote control of different appliances in your home.
• With an ageing population front and centre of many government and businesses long-term strategies, digital healthcare will provide many Australians with greater access to quality healthcare, particularly those who live in regional areas or face mobility issues.

Technology is evolving rapidly and who knows what the future of entertainment will look like? Whatever arrives, you’ll definitely need an NBN service to download all that rich media content.

Working from home

For those that have the flexibility of working from home the NBN provides an essential connection to their colleagues, clients, vendors and partners.

Professions that frequently need to upload or download large files (e.g. design, photography, architecture, multimedia and video production) need a stable and reliable internet connection.

With the rollout of the NBN, it’s certainly never been an easier time to work from home while staying connected.

Real Estate Sales & Rental Opportunities

Property developers, landlords and sales agents take note: the benefits associated with NBN access create a unique selling or rental proposition in a competitive environment. Initial estimates suggest that a 5-10% premium can be achieved on properties with high-speed internet access versus those that don’t have it.

Tech-savvy purchasers and tenants are actively seeking out areas which are already NBN ready or already located on the NBN rollout coverage map.

NBN is the way of the future

The choice between an NBN-ready household, or one that isn’t, has become a deciding factor for many tech-savvy buyers.

With over 60,000 active NBN services across Australia, iiNet is committed to helping Australian households and developers connect to the network of the future.

This article was written by Rachael McIntyre, NBN Product Manager at iiNet, The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a national network of communications infrastructure currently being built by NBN Co on behalf of the Federal Government. It's set to change the way Australians access the internet, with lightning-fast fibre-optic, fixed wireless and satellite technology being made available over the next 10 years.

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