‘Pleasure, Desire and Luxury’; Young Rich Lister Releases Film Inspired By The Luxury of Imagination


Buying property is a process that is driven very much by both the brain and the heart.

As buyers, we attribute great importance to ensuring our decisions are financially sound, yet at the same time, there is an aspect of how we buy that is dedicated to emotional investment.

Our emotional investment is grounded in our ability to fulfill a particular lifestyle that represents our core values and our ideal way of living.  

These are the factors that have inspired BPM founder and managing director, Jonathan Hallinan to reconsider the way developers market property.

Through the creative medium of film, Hallinan has pushed the boundary of traditional property marketing and put imagination at the forefront.

'Dream The Night Awake' is BPM’s second film and the first incarnation of the company’s 2017 creative campaign.

The release follows Hallinan’s first film, 'Elegant Hedonism', and forms part of an ongoing series celebrating the virtues of pleasure, desire and the luxury of the imagination.

Using Film To Create an Inspired World

Composed as a series of chapters and following a number of parallel narratives, the short film takes the viewer on a visceral and intriguing journey through the lives of the young protagonists.

The film stands to set the scene for Hallinan’s upcoming projects and will act as product placement for BPM as a luxury brand.

Drawing inspiration from John Milton’s 17th century poem 'Comus' – and specifically the verse “What hath night to do with sleep?” – 'Dream the Night Awake' is a story about human desire.

“'The film is about realising my vision for a BPM world filled with beauty, desire and the exotic,” says Hallinan.

“To me, the film speaks to the idea that the night is far more beautiful, far more powerful and far more luxurious than the day – its protagonists more interesting and its motives more diverse,” he adds.

Whilst it’s an untraditional approach to marketing property, short films provide Hallinan the platform to tell the narrative behind his brand.

Traditional marketing media such as architectural renders, fly-through animations and display brochures are great tools for detailing the reality of a development, however Hallinan expresses that through short film you can better reach the imagination of the consumer.      

Reflection Through Film, Creating A Journey With The Consumer  

Having spent over 20 years building the BPM brand, Hallinan explains that one of the central themes that the film explores is reflection.

“The concept of reflection affords us the opportunity to consider and appreciate the past and all that we have learned and achieved,” he explains.

“It can also be interpreted as the relationship between two correlating ideas, personal journeys or stories.”

Hallinan encourages viewers of the film to consider the ways they might interpret the concept of reflection as they watch it for the first time.

“In a more literal sense, reflections can create captivating plays on light, which is the creative interpretation of reflection that we are applying to BPM’s new campaign for 2017. The stunning imagery created from the film will roll out across all of BPM’s brand materials this year.”


BPM founder and managing director, Jonathan Hallinan featuring in 'Dream the Night Awake'Creating Appeal Through Promoting A Luxury Lifestyle

A key component to BPM’s marketing strategy revolves around the notion of creating exclusivity for its consumers similar to other luxury brands.

By diversifying their product and branching from strictly residential to the inclusion of hospitality, retail and health centres, Hallinan has placed a large emphasis on promoting the elements of luxury and lifestyle in his projects.

Representing lifestyle is a brand-focused view that aims to target not only the consumers currently in the market yet those who will be inclined to buy in five years time. Appealing to the imagination and a larger consumer base are notions that Hallinan acknowledges have allowed him to market past projects more successfully.   

In speaking to his broader motives behind creating such extraordinary and layered productions, Hallinan is considered.

“In luxury, it is emotion that must be sought after at the highest level. There is a common misconception between premium and luxury. My mandate is to ensure that as an iconic brand, BPM can deliver on this desire and create a deeply rewarding and engaging experience for our purchasers – my films are the apex of this vision.”


Interior Render of BPM's Brighton Project, The Standard- Photo Courtesy of BPMThe Making Of 'Dream The Night Awake'  

Shot in Sydney, Australia and directed by acclaimed Australian fashion photographer, Georges Antoni, 'Dream The Night Awake' is a cinematic experience that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

The film cast includes twin model twins, Norina and Chiara Gasteigerz; and Steven and Edward Bailey – in addition to cameo appearances by model Yiorgos Karavas and Jonathan Hallinan himself, and was brought to life by a 50 strong team led by creative agency 3Deep.

So does it work?

Considering the significant investment, the question remains - does desire-driven film work from a property marketing perspective; or is this simply the plaything of a ‘Young Rich Lister’ that is tired of the traditional marketing media?

Given Hallinan’s track record as a developer, builder, marketer and businessman, the benefit of the doubt must surely rest in his favour.


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